Heineken, we love it and we’re sure that you love it also but they do not just produce one of the finest cold ones known to man (and woman). The good folks over at Heineken HQ are also very creative as proven by previous ad campaigns that they have run. This time around they are offering to hand over the creative spark to you, me and anybody else who fancies a crack with their ‘Capture a Generation’ challenge.

Heineken have asked all individuals young and old around the world to film, photograph or write their observations on the lifestyles and preferences of the 60-70 age group. I personally have met some very unique persons of age in my life (my mad gran is one of them) and I am sure you know of at least one that will let you document their awesomeness.

The challenge will run until 28th February 2013 and participants have the chance to win a share of $10,000 (around £6382.84 depending on the exchange rate once I have posted this article) and have their entries included in a 60+ documentary movie.

Oh and if this wasn’t amazing enough we should let you know that acclaimed director Donald Petrie will be part of the official jury, he’s probably just as awesome as my gran.

Take a look at the video below…