Whilst we all suffer at the wrath of the office DJ playing repeats of Wizzard and Wham we also tend to look back on the last year, reflect on the ups and downs and hopefully all agree that the last twelve months have been rather swell. We have seen the first black president of the United States win re-election, further planetary exploration by landing curiosity on mars, London hosting a truly inspirational Olympics which persuaded Queen Lizzy to jump from a helicopter, breakthroughs in Switzerland at the LHC and let’s not forget that a very brave man fell from the edge of space.

All of these great achievements aside the world of online video has hit a new level this year, this is our own personal list of favorites, in no particular order.

Back in January a teaser was released, a teaser which the entire Internet went mad for. The online world were duped into the belief that Ferris Beuller’s Day Off 2 was coming, alas this was not true as Broderick was revealed to be at the center of the Superbowl Honda ad, everyone shed a tear and enjoyed the quirky ad anyway though.

April 11th started like any normal day for most, until our news feeds were filled to the brim with a few Belgian locals pressing a little red button in a seemingly quiet square, what followed was unbelievably one of the greatest adverts we have ever seen.

The miserable weather didn’t cheer up much in July for the UK summer and a Skype message came through in the office with a link to one of the most fuel-injected videos we had ever witnessed. DC Shoes helped Ken Block shut down the streets of San Fran so he could put on a display of pure driving talent. WARNING: CONTAINS ADRENILIN.

Feb 8th 2012, saw one wooden chair and one man with a brilliant accent putting his ill-mannered daughter in her place, obviously contributing to YouTube gold. This…is facebook parenting. Mothers and fathers take note.

Of course we had to include the John Lewis ad, it’s Christmas time after all and although a little unrealistic it’s still pretty sweet and the good folks at JL seem to outdo themselves each year. We all know snowmen cannot just slide to their local retail store to buy Mrs Snow some gloves and a scarf but you all loved it anyway, and the soundtrack is rather moving.

Really quickly going to slip this one in, in true trolling fashion the UK public somehow decided to make this love to hate Korean pop song from Psy number 1. By the way it’s almost at 1 billion views, HOW INCREDIBLE IS THAT!!!

Last but not least we saw a man by the name of Felix (yes that’s right, like the cat) climb to an epic 128,000 feet in a capsule the size of a portable toilet cubicle minus the bad smell, he then proceeded to mutter the words “Sometimes you have to go really high to realize how small you are” before falling at little over 800mph back to earth, truly awe inspiring.

Oh and as an added bonus we thought we would throw in a tutorial on dumb ways to die, never use your private parts as piranha bait!

Merry Christmas from all of us here at The 7th Chamber.

See you in 2013.